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Becoming American and-or Iranian


Enjoy Ajaban!




Welcome to Ajaban!

Our Pledge:


  • We will guide you through the apocalypse for fun and profit;
  • We will develop a practical form of Free Speech Insurance to leverage the insurance industry to enable the risks required to foster democracy and freedom throughout the world;
  • We will tinker with our paradigm;
  • We will promote Persian (a.k.a. Farsi) Literacy!
  • We will help discover fusion! (You can help too!)
  • We will get Simorqanized!
  • We will establish the US Foreign Relations Museum on the Washington Mall.
  • We will promote constructive, life-affirming action in the Middle East through the translation of some key books into Persian.
  • We will establish the Comparative Religion Theme Park somewhere in the most contested real estate of the Middle East. (We'll call it "Ajabanistan", of course).
  • We will make a Persian Ecology documentary that has a surprisingly constructive impact on global stability.
  • We will put on Iranian-themed plays such as the "Mossadeq Nowruz Carol" or revisionist Shahname re-enactments. (Now recruiting actors, singers, dancers, crew and other collaborators. (Contact Me if you want to participate!)
  • We clear the music rights or re-edit "Juju the Cage Bird" and get him out in the world where he belongs, spreading his message of overcoming limitations through the exploitation of those very limitations.
  • We will no longer run from the voices in our head. Instead, we will turn around and write that pesky novel: "The Sign of Jonah" - a pseudo-epigraphic novel of epic proportions.
  • And then we'll write those other things. Until one by one, all the voices are brought out into the light. Where they will be embarassed that they ever wanted to express themselves! Hah! Foolish voices. We'll show them.

What do you think? Will it happen? As Benny Hill once said, "They said it can't be done, and he couldn't bloody do it."

Anyway, here is the continuing incarnation of Ajaban. Let us know if you have any comments, and by all means, do support this site if you want to see things happen quicker!


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