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We don't have the solutions, but we certainly do admire the problems.

So many Dilemmas, so little time

  • Dilemma Theory
  • Dilemma Attack Metaphor
  • The Dilemmas:
    • Limited Resources
    • Human
    • Emotional
    • Spiritual
    • Environmental
    • Economic
    • Private Property
    • Justice
    • Ethical
    • Moral
    • Uncertainty
    • Entertainment
    • Birth
    • Death
    • Mating
    • Conflict of Interest

Dilemma Theory

A Dilemma is defined as "A predicament that seemingly defies a satisfactory solution." Ajaban prefers this definition over: "Logic. An argument in which a choice of two or more alternatives, each being conclusive and fatal, is presented to an antagonist." However, it might SEEM that we're taking the fatal logic approach.

In any case, we here at Ajaban believe you need to work THROUGH the dilemma towards a satisfactory solution. Which, by definition, means downgrading the dilemma into OPTIONS. But you can't do that until you first understand the dilemma. Because the dilemma is a wild creature with sharp horns. Don't play with it. Don't pretend it's not there and that the argument is already decided in your delusional favor. Take a long, sweet hard look. Domesticate the dilemma. Before it tramples and gores you.

And now you are probably worried and want to simply attack and destroy the dilemma. This is a natural feeling, but it wastes the true opportunity presented by dilemmas. They are there for a higher purpose - a reflection of complexity as we see in this next section on the dilemma metaphor.


We're out corralling our unlimited imagination and leveraging our limited resources. We'll complete this section & it's links when we get back!



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