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My cousin Omead, a medic in the US Army, was killed while serving in Iraq. This conflict that has taken Omead's life stems from a spectacular lack of imagination on the part of humanity relating to OIL. This is a war over control of resources in a world dependent on oil. Now that this conflict has cost Omead his life, that's it. We're going to end this violent, wasteful mess once and for all. How? By systematically attacking the problem of fusion, so that we can obtain a source of unlimited, clean, cheap, decentralized energy for everyone. How do we systematically attack this problem? Check out http://focusfusion.org/ And donate money! What have YOU done to bring fusion about? Fusion needs you. The world needs you. Make history.

Aren't people already working on fusion? Compare conventional approaches to fusion with the Focus Fusion approach here >>

One of the main pillars of the Ajaban environmental paradigm is that we need to get access to cheap, clean, decentralized, renewable energy for the whole world. The Focus Fusion folks need to raise 2 million dollars to test a hypothesis about Fusion. If their theory is right, so many problems are solved with so little money! If they are wrong, we've gained a little more knowledge and can systematically move on to the next hypothesis. (Or be working on all of them simultaneously. Many other approaches to fusion out there languish, un- and under-funded. How is it that we can spend 180 billion dollars to fight a war in Iraq, but not a few million to test some fusion hypotheses that would make that war irrelevant? I know. Some of you are saying this is a war about freedom and democracy. But trust me, a huge infusion of cheap, clean, decentralized energy for everyone will be a mind-bogglingly practical factor in spreading prosperity and democracy in the world.)

For some reason, the idea that fusion is obtainable and under-funded and that we can all play a part in making it happen is very new. Many people are skeptical of it. And there are many out there who have a fear of solving this problem. A fear of unlimited resources and clean energy for everyone. They feel that humankind is unworthy of it. Like we'll abuse it. I think with this kind of energy we'll have the ability to do everything right. Clean, environmental, non-destructive, creating habitat for other creatures instead of destroying it. Here are some thoughts on what a world that runs on fusion would look like. The transition to using fusion requires some thought. Please, think about it and send us your comments!

As for me, I don't know why people tend to like to do things the hard way. I like to find the simplest solution and get on with my life. Here is a parable of transcendental laziness. In that story, you may see some parallels with barriers to fusion.

Luckily, we aren't the only ones working on fusion. Organizations such as the X prize are trying to create incentives for the private development of alternative energy sources. Once they set up their fusion prize, we will announce our team candidacy. We're a contender! Let the race for fusion begin.




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