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Becoming American and-or Iranian


Enjoy Ajaban!






Frankly, the FAQs are all in dispute.

Clearly, a complicated yet simplistic philosophical feel good site like this that plays fast and loose with concepts, beliefs and icons and then taunts you into action has a lot of explaining to do.

FAQs in General

  • Why me?
  • When is the Messiah coming?
  • How can I get rich quick?
  • Why isn't the world unfair in my favor?
  • Who's car is parked outside?

FAQs for Ajaban.com

  • Glossary of Terms and Concepts
  • Tools
  • Top Ten Important Concepts
  • Ajaban Paradigm
  • My motivation
  • Important language disclaimer.
  • When will Ajaban be dynamic?
  • When will all the featuresforetold here come to pass?
  • How can I help and support Ajaban to hasten this great future?

Oh, you want answers, too?

Important Language Disclaimer:

Language is a fluid thing. While a population group may appear to share the same language, in reality the language is a unit of currency that they are using to exchange their thoughts. And their thoughts are very unique. So they will use words that have been agreed on to mean something. But this might not capture their full thought. Or they will use a word to approximate a thought that is a bit different from what the word normally conveys. In practice, language is very effective at conveying thought, but you have to occasionally re-calibrate the meaning. This website will often take words that have a strong association with them (say "user") and attach a different meaning to the word. Well, not a different meaning, but a different approach to the same word...Well, just go look at "User" and you may see what I mean. Or not.

We're out gathering questions and re-calibrating our brain for coherency. We'll complete this section when we get back!



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