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Limited Resources, Unlimited Imagination

Or is it the other way around?

Here at Ajaban, we like to meditate on the apparent duality of "limited" x and "unlimited" y. We feel sorry for those people who try to limit themselves to the belief that there are no limits. Limits are a fabulous substance around which the unlimited gathers and swirls, like a sinkhole or vortex or attractor. Limits provide leverage. Limits shift and fake you out, so that one thing you thought was a limitation simply evaporates. And something you thought was unlimited steps just out of reach and laughs at you. It's a dance, and these two partners have been at it for a while.

It's paradoxical. It's fractal. You can have infinite x in finite y, as long as the dimensions are different. Like you can have infinite surface area in a finite volume (unlimited 2-D in a finite 3-D entity) (click here for the mathematical explanation). This phenomenon has practical applications, just not sure what they are at this time. My capacity to think is one of the obvious limitations in this world. Nevertheless, I love that limited/unlimited theology.

We're out corralling our unlimited imagination and leveraging our limited resources to find cool links on this topic. We'll complete this section when we get back!



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