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Ajaban Action Plan

The "Ajaplan."

Here's where we list ongoing projects that need YOUR participation


In no particular order.

Save the world through conventional channels

Here we will have links to the usual suspect/save the world websites, like "Shop for Change" and other overviews of charities and ways to get involved out there. This is turning out to be harder than imagined, as each group of people doing good works out there also seems to come with some ideological baggage. Ajaban can still leverage this, but I have to figure out how best to frame this. Remember, we want to use the charity to further our own agenda and idea of good works in this world, and not the other way around.

Well, if you don't like the charity, go out and make one of your own. And stop calling it a charity. Non-profit? Endeavor? Ajaban's policy on charity is that this money is not a give-away but an investment in the future and it's for your own benefit that you are chipping in, not some random "altruism" thing. At the very least, it is making the world seem like a safer place where strangers will chip in to help out when others are flailing or systems are down. Social insurance.

At the same time, Ajaban doesn't want to encourage free-loading or reward systems that perpetuate failure and that sort of thing. No whiners. Nothing that appears to be a charity but is actually disempowering. Genuinely empowering things. Must figure out a way to determine actual or at least comparable quantity of empowerment offered by various strategies. So that we can assign value and then rank different organizations/charities/approaches.

Yes. This is a impossible. Also known as "operationalizing conceptual variables."

But most of all, Ajaban seeks to be proactive, not reactive. We want to systematically rank charities and non-profits by their strategy and effectiveness likelihood with a higher ranking for things that will make it better in the long run.

We're out drawing up the various ajabaction plans. We'll complete this section when we get back!



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