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Becoming American and-or Iranian


Enjoy Ajaban!





The Future

How to get there from here.

In which we envision the future and scheme the systematic action steps to get there.

Note: if you're too impatient and want to go straight to action, click here. This section is under construction, anyway.

The Ajaban Protocol*

  • Why think about the future, why not just live for today?
  • Principles
  • Imagine an Ajaban Future
  • Brainstorming:
    • Identify obstacles and opportunities
    • Retro-optimize the past
    • Resolve present conflict
    • Pursue useful innovations
    • Identify positive deviants
    • Identify political, economic, environmental, spiritual agendas
    • And more!
  • Organizing/Prioritizing/Components/Subprojects/determine next action step.
  • Take the steps.

Ajaban.com is committed to developing a plan for the future. Yes, we haven't developed it yet. Do you think it's that easy? God bless your simple soul. We are putting ourselves out there in public to benefit from the brainstorming and vitality of the masses. And anyway, once we come up with plans, we'll need the masses again, so might as well give them a sense of ownership, make them think they came up with it and...whoops, is this thing on?

But really. We're all in this together. You can't skimp on the planning phase if you want to build a fabulous future. And don't trust politicians.

OK, OK, you're not interested in planning. You're ready for action NOW. Well, lucky for you we do have some tentative projects lined up that could qualify as Ready for Action. Check out the Ajaban Action Plan (So many ajaplans! Find one that's right for you!)

And now...

We're out scheming and planning for the future. We'll complete the links for this section when we get back!

And then you will see...



*as compared to something like" The Kyoto Protocol"



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