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Ways to support this site:

What we need your support for

We need help. As we saw in Human Dilemma - I am but an individual. WE are a bit more formiddable. In order to get anything done on this planet, we need our fellow humans. If, in the happy coincidence that you share the current goals of Ajaban, Join the Quest.

Like King Arthur (OK, that's an ambitious presumption. How about "like any pretender to the throne"), we seek knights. We know of this grail, see. Are you compelled to seek it, too? What are the odds! We're both seeking the same grail.

Ajaban is growing. What you see unfurling now is the preamble, the Ajaban philosophy which is designed to guide us all through the Apocalypse for (mutual) fun and profit.

The philosophy is a host philosophy, which welcomes the interaction and provocation of other philosophies, yea, even the extreme, in a safe and honest environment.

Once the preamble is set, the goal is to make the site dynamic, through "Sindex," the "Ajabadges", and the "Making Atlantis" a.k.a. "Eco-Triage" projects (among others). These projects require massive participation from Ajaban web site users, which requires dynamic website technology, architecture and investment. Your contributions will speed up this endeavor.

Additionally, some of the projects don't have anything to do with the website. We want something to happen in the real world. Like we want you to support the fusion project (go to their website and give them money! Yay!). And we want you to get involved in bringing about the US Foreign Relations Museum on the Washington Mall.

So send us money!

These contributions can be financial: With the Honor System PayPage you can contribute any amount you want. Your credit card is secure. Your privacy is protected. Amazon will have your info, not me.

If you want to skip the Amazon thing (they get like 5% or something - I need to double check that) send a check payable to:

PO Box 4
Pasadena, CA 91101-0004.

Promote us by wearing our T-shirt

Ajaban T-shirts are now available through CafePress. These aren't a big money-maker for us. We get about $1 per shirt sold, the rest of that money goes to Cafe Press. So, if your goal is to give us money, go back to the previous step. However, if you want to have the coolest T-shirt featuring Juju the Cage-Bird on the front and the inspirational "Limited Resources, Unlimited Imagination" tagline on the back, then by all means, shop now!

Vendor note: Cafepress provides a convenient service and takes a lot of the worry and hassle off our hands and the T-shirts are of good quality. On the rare occasion that they mess up the shirt (by printing the image upside down, say) they cheerfully replace it.

And remember, these T-shirts are excellent placebos for whatever ails you. I, for example, suffered from procrastination. I bought one of my own T-shirts and it arrived Christmas Eve. I put the shirt on and was suddenly infused with motivation. In just one short week, I totally re-did the website - the very website that had languished for over a year, and am now on a roll. (These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.)

Bonus points if you are a celebrity and get featured wearing our T-shirt in a magazine with large circulation.

GET inspired

Ajaban is one big reflection and wish list. Here we grapple with the dilemmas, try to understand the problem, come up with some plausible schemes to organize and build around. This website (heck, the whole internet, on a larger scale) is the back of an envelope on which plans are sketched and ideas are bandied about among interested parties. Brainstorming takes place...and so on to action (with retractions and re-calibrations as needed).

But in the beginning, Ajaban represents the fevered hopes and grapplings of a feeble, cash strapped, often ineffectual individual. The only way for an individual (in general, let alone a feeble one) to get major earthshaking things done is to DELEGATE! But before one can delegate, one needs to declare ones intentions! Which we are doing here.

And remember, of course, that this is all reciprocal. You can always state your intentions and try to back-delegate. We might pick up on it and amplify. And so forth.

Even now we are delighted and relaxed, realizing that we have delegated saving the world to your capable hands.

This is the same relaxed feeling I got the other day, last spring, sitting in the garden on a swing under the wisteria, listening to the bees droning on endlessly, soothingly. I realized they were doing their jobs. Very nicely, too. And the world was moving forward because they were there at work. God bless em. Life is so busy.



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