Standard - متداول

Posted by Rezwan Razani on Jun 12, 2013 at 03:16 AM

The Standard (a.k.a. “motedAvel”) magnet kit has over 600 Persian words on magnetic tiles with English on the back! Great for all ages! The perfect gift for everyone on your Nowruz list.

Standard متداول

Each Standard Kit Comes With:

  1. Cover sheet;
  2. Eight sheets of magnetic word tiles. Break apart into more than 600 words and word particles, including suffixes & prefixes for grammatical accuracy. English transliteration and translation on reverse side. Both sides stick to steel surfaces. Combine the words in millions of different ways!
  3. Alphabet Guide
  4. Grammar Guide

Standard متداول

Click here for sample sentences.

Where can I use the magnets?

On a fridgeextiAr dArid. You can use the magnets ANYWHERE.

You can use them on a fridge! Or any other appliance with steel surfaces (dishwasher, washing machine, car, cookie sheets!)

But don't be limited by that.

You can use them on Magnetized Dry Erase Boards in several sizes.

You can use them on any surface you when you apply a base coat of magnetic paint.

But best of all, you can...

Get social!

You can go anywhere in the world, outer space too, and express yourself. And then you can post it on the internet with vine, twitter, instagram etc! So many ways to express yourself! Plus magnets : -)

Please share your creations with us!

Standard - متداول

Standard متداول

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