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Becoming American and-or Iranian


Enjoy Ajaban!





Look, it's Me!

And by "me" I mean "you"

Your Ajaban Account Here

Well folks, the big idea here is to go all dynamic and set it up so that each and every Ajaban user gets their own account.

Why would you need an Ajaban account? Because we want you to be accountable.

That's right. Take a little responsibility for yourself. No, seriously. We want to build a vibrant community of users.

One thing you would use your own account for on Ajaban could be to calibrate your own sindex and then see how likely you are to go to heaven/hell, depending on which afterlife model you subscribe to.

Or you could do a global sindex with your own calibration to see how likely the Messiah is to return based on your criteria and definition of sin in the world.

We could of course link this "guess when the Messiah will return" feature to a gambling website.

More importantly, you could keep track of your ajaban action plan and all the ajabadges you are earning.

Can't wait to get started on all this? Then volunteer or send us some $ so that we can hire someone who can set that dynamic stuff up for us!

Do you realize the complexity of this task? The kind of data we have to crunch to churn out a sindex? The algorithm is mindboggling. And yet, our minds are happy to be boggled. And we anticipate so many users. Like the stock market. We want to put that kind of data at your fingertips so that you can use it. So send the $ and start on the path to random accountability.

Or, just go back to enjoying Ajaban as is. Fully unaccountable.

Reminds me of that Nat King Cole song, how does it go:

Unaccountable, that's what you are.
Unaccountable, though near or far.
And my darling, it's insurmountable
that someone so unaccountable,
thinks that I am


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Accountability is cool.

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