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  • Grammar Guide // June 25 2013

    We have decoded the Persian language and reduced it to one glorious, concise pamphlet.

  • Tu Quoque - You too! - و شما نیز همچنین // June 25 2013

    “Tu Quoque” (pronounced too ko kay) means “you also” in Latin.

  • Free Speech Word Magnets // June 25 2013

    Join the team to bring the Free Speech (aka “Where’s the Coup?”) Word Magnets to life.

  • ezAfe // June 25 2013

    In our transliterations on this website, you will often come across an (e) or (ye).  These are in parenthesis to represent the sound of the “ezafe”.

  • Word Order - SOV // June 24 2013

    Persian word order is different from English in two ways.  First, the modifier comes before the word it modifies (“shoes red”).  Second, the sentences follow a Subject, Object, Verb (SOV) order.  “Sara shoes wore.”

  • Persian aka fArsi // June 24 2013

    You say potato, I say sibzamini.

  • Read Persian From Right to Left // June 24 2013

    Persian is a right to left language, like Arabic and Hebrew.  Think about it: !tfel ot thgir daer uoY

  • Semi Cursive Script // June 24 2013

    You can read Persian today.  At first it seems intimidating, but the code is easy to crack.  Read right to left; only 32 letters, and a simple semi-cursive script.  Check it out! One post explains ALL!

  • Alphabet Card // June 24 2013

    Everything you need to know to start bonding with the Persian alphabet!

  • Sentences with Pleasantries Magnets // June 24 2013

    Behold, some unworthy sentences we made with the Persian English Word Magnet Pleasantries kit.

  • Pleasantries - تعارف // June 24 2013

    The Pleasantries kit (a.k.a. t’Arof) (a.k.a. تعارف) features over 600 Persian words of desperate supplication and inverted one-upmanship. Millions of possible self-sacrificing sentence combinations. The words are on magnetic word tiles.

  • Sentences with Courtship Magnets // June 24 2013

    What sentences can you make with the Persian English Word Magnet Courtship kit?

  • Magnet FAQs // June 24 2013

    The FAQs on Persian-English Word Magnets.

  • Courtship - خواستگاری // June 24 2013

    The Courtship kit (a.k.a. xAstegAri) (a.k.a. خواستگاری) features over 600 Persian words of love, passion and insanity including particles, suffixes and prefixes for grammatical accuracy. Millions of romantic and inappropriate sentence combinations possible.

  • Persian Transliteration Simplified // June 22 2013

    Our transliteration method, and our plan for texting domination.

  • Ajaban l’helm’ellAh // June 20 2013

    What does “ajaban l helmellAh” mean and why is it my favorite phrase?

  • Sentences with Standard Magnets // June 12 2013

    Check out some sentences we made using the Persian-English Word Magnet Standard kit and see how things get lost (and found) in translation.

  • Standard - متداول // June 12 2013

    The Standard (a.k.a. “motedAvel”) magnet kit has over 600 Persian words on magnetic tiles with English on the back! Great for all ages! The perfect gift for everyone on your Nowruz list.

  • Let’s get Simorqanized! // June 11 2013

    In which we coin a new word to bring together a mythic tale and community organizing.

  • Ajabanistan // June 11 2013

    What the world needs now is ajabanistan, also known as Amazing (Grace) Land, a Comparative Religion Theme Park without compare.

  • FoPoMu // June 10 2013

    The plan to establish a US Foreign Policy Museum on the Washington Mall, with sister museums throughout the world.  #FoPoMu

  • Citizen Budget Balancing App - CBBA // June 08 2013

    We the people, in order to form a more perfect budget, do hereby propose the Citizen Budget Balancing App (CBBA).

  • Persian-English Word Magnets // June 04 2013

    Persian-English Magnetic Word Play kits will help you bond with the Persian (a.k.a. Farsi) language. The kits are fun and educational and spark creativity! They are great for any level of language ability. Each kit has different words chosen around a theme.

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