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  • How is cooperation best coordinated? // July 29 2013

    Democracy.  Dictatorship.  Market. Corporation.  Family.  Crowdsourcing.  Every form of human organization is an attempt to coordinate the actions of many individuals for the benefit of some or all of them.  That makes this five word question fundamental to human progress and happiness:  “How is cooperation best coordinated?”

  • Memorial Bench for Grandma and Grandpa Henn // July 28 2013

    Thank you to Chip Henn for suggesting that we place a bench in Sims Park to honor Grandma and Grandpa Henn.  Let’s make it happen!

  • Peacemaker Game // July 15 2013

    Thanks to Carol P. for introducing me to this game.

  • Kognito:  Helping you with Difficult Conversations // July 12 2013

    “Enter virtual environments and practice challenging conversations with avatars to help you build real life skills.”

  • Robots v. the Right to Remain Silent // July 12 2013

    Sim Sensei says, “Your answers are totally confidential.  Are you OK with this?”

  • Killer Robots v. Free Speech // July 11 2013

    Daniel Suarez’ TED Talk explains how the rise of autonomous robotic weapons threaten free speech.

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