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  • From Lingua Franca to Heritage Language to Expanding Memeplex! // November 30 2013

    Persian was once the Lingua Franca of the civilized world.  Today, its variants are spoken in few countries, and as native speakers migrate from those countries, their children and grandchildren are losing the language. Is there a way to reverse this trend?  YES!  It requires conscious effort, strategy, some apps, and FUN!

  • The Dragon Quadrilogy // November 26 2013

    It started out as a trilogy.  “What’s a trilogy?”  Setareh said.  “A story with three parts,”  I said.  “What?!  That’s nothing.  Let’s do four parts.  What’s the word for four parts?”  she asked.

  • Jean Claude Van Damme Splits In The Face of Chaos // November 16 2013

    It is textbook epic.  Jean Claude Van Damme (JCVD), serenely does the splits, each foot planted on the rearview mirror of two diverging Volvo trucks.  The trucks keep a steady distance from each other, holding the split, reversing into the sunrise as Enya sings.

  • George Clooney Beshkans and Promotes Conversation // November 14 2013

    Ladies man, man’s man, Beshkan.  Magnet man?

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