Recent News

  • New York Organ Donor Network Ad // October 21 2014

    Animation designed to inspire you to be an organ donor. Warning - you may get misty eyed.

  • Help Yourself // October 20 2014

    Another song for the kidney playlist: Tom Jones, “Help Yourself”.

  • One Headlight // October 20 2014

    A song for the kidney donor playlist. Drive it home with one headlight - or one kidney.  Whatever works!

  • Chain of foods // October 12 2014

    There’s this guy I know who says, “it’s all good.”

    Is it?

  • Programmable Rose Colored Glasses // October 09 2014

    The market is ripe for Programmable Rose Colored Glasses - the technology is now available to design them, and we have never been more eager to see the world with our own filters firmly in place.

  • Life is not empty // October 06 2014

    Zendegi - A poem by sohrAb sepehri. Sung by shahrAm nAzeri.

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