Recent News

  • Jean Claude Van Damme Splits In The Face of Chaos // November 16 2013

    It is textbook epic.  Jean Claude Van Damme (JCVD), serenely does the splits, each foot planted on the rearview mirror of two diverging Volvo trucks.  The trucks keep a steady distance from each other, holding the split, reversing into the sunrise as Enya sings.

  • Ajaban l’helm’ellAh // June 20 2013

    What does “ajaban l helmellAh” mean and why is it my favorite phrase?

  • Let’s get Simorqanized! // June 11 2013

    In which we coin a new word to bring together a mythic tale and community organizing.

  • Ajabanistan // June 11 2013

    What the world needs now is ajabanistan, also known as Amazing (Grace) Land, a Comparative Religion Theme Park without compare.

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