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  • When Your Kidney Wants to Be a Free Agent: 25+ Things I Learned From Donating Mine. // January 26 2015

    As some of you know, this summer I donated a kidney to my Mom.  If you’re thinking about donating a kidney, or just curious about the process, here’s my story.

  • New York Organ Donor Network Ad // October 21 2014

    Animation designed to inspire you to be an organ donor. Warning - you may get misty eyed.

  • Help Yourself // October 20 2014

    Another song for the kidney playlist: Tom Jones, “Help Yourself”.

  • One Headlight // October 20 2014

    A song for the kidney donor playlist. Drive it home with one headlight - or one kidney.  Whatever works!

  • Kidney App:  قربونت // October 15 2013

    Iranians say “Qorbun-e jigaret” a lot, which means “I’m the sacrifice for your liver.” Is this just t’Arof, or are Iranians more likely to be organ donors?

اندک اندک جمع مستان میرسند