Life is not empty

Posted by Rezwan Razani on Oct 06, 2014 at 12:53 PM

Zendegi - A poem by sohrAb sepehri. Sung by shahrAm nAzeri.

Transliterated using #textingfArsi - learn fArsi with poetry today!

Zendegi transliterated

زندگی - life

xAli nist
خالی نیست - isn’t empty

mehrbAni hast
مهربانی هست - there is kindness

sib hast
سیب هست - there are apples

imAn hast
ایمان هست - there is faith

Ari Ari, tA shaqAyeq hast
آری آری تا شقایق هست - yes, yes, while there are poppies

zendegi bAyad kard
زندگی باید کرد - you must live

dar del-e man chizist
در دل من چیزی ست - there’s something in my heart*

mesl-e yek bishe-ye nur
مثل یک بیشه نور - like a thicket of light

mesl-e xAb-e dam-e sobh
مثل خواب دم صبح - like sleep at the edge of morning

Triggered by seeing the poem on the sohrAb sepehri facebook page. Thanks!

*Translating “del” - دل - here as “heart”. Del can also mean “stomache”. When you look it up on Google Translate, it says heart. But then click on del dard - دل درد - and it says “bellyache”.

One word means both heart and stomach. I really like the way @tannazie puts it (also, adasi: one more reason to live):


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