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Chain of foods

Oct 12, 2014

There’s this guy I know who says, “it’s all good.”

Is it?

Bad Words and Cussing Contests

Dec 01, 2013

Vsauce asks “Why are Bad Words Bad?” And John Astin wins a cussing contest.

Say qurbAqe - بگو قورباغه

Oct 22, 2013

My mission in life:  To get everyone I meet to say “frog” in Persian.

Improvisation:  Say “Yes, and…” بداهه گویی

Oct 12, 2013

What happens when you’re looking for a word, and you can’t find it?

You’ve got the Power:  extiAr dArid - اختیار دارید

Oct 11, 2013

ِYou’ve got the power!  As well as free will.  And choice.  Take your pick.

qAbel nadAre - قابل ندارد

Oct 08, 2013

Thank you so much for what you just did!
You shouldn’t have!
It’s not worthy of you.
قابل ندارد


Oct 07, 2013

Some tips from Shakespeare to navigate the tension between “proper language use” and anarchy.  Leveraging Persian “affixal” qualities to make up new words.

Subconscious Word Recognition

Oct 07, 2013

The goal of literacy is subconscious word recognition.  If, while you read, you can recognize words as a whole without having to analyze them, you’ve achieved literacy! How can we make this happen?

Two Veins

Oct 04, 2013

Some Iranian terms (a.k.a. slurs) for dual nationality.

Tu Quoque - You too! - و شما نیز همچنین

Jun 25, 2013

“Tu Quoque” (pronounced too ko kay) means “you also” in Latin.

Word Order - SOV

Jun 24, 2013

Persian word order is different from English in two ways.  First, the modifier comes before the word it modifies (“shoes red”).  Second, the sentences follow a Subject, Object, Verb (SOV) order.  “Sara shoes wore.”

Persian aka fArsi

Jun 24, 2013

You say potato, I say sibzamini.

Let’s get Simorqanized!

Jun 11, 2013

In which we coin a new word to bring together a mythic tale and community organizing.



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