Free speech

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Programmable Rose Colored Glasses

Oct 09, 2014

The market is ripe for Programmable Rose Colored Glasses - the technology is now available to design them, and we have never been more eager to see the world with our own filters firmly in place.

George Clooney Beshkans and Promotes Conversation

Nov 14, 2013

Ladies man, man’s man, Beshkan.  Magnet man?

Improvisation:  Say “Yes, and…” بداهه گویی

Oct 12, 2013

What happens when you’re looking for a word, and you can’t find it?

Assimilation Anxiety

Oct 04, 2013

This site was founded by an Iranian+American who suffers, as many Iranian+Americans do, from Assimilation Anxiety. Luckily, the cure is easy!

Two Veins

Oct 04, 2013

Some Iranian terms (a.k.a. slurs) for dual nationality.

Peacemaker Game

Jul 15, 2013

Thanks to Carol P. for introducing me to this game.

Kognito:  Helping you with Difficult Conversations

Jul 12, 2013

“Enter virtual environments and practice challenging conversations with avatars to help you build real life skills.”

Robots v. the Right to Remain Silent

Jul 12, 2013

Sim Sensei says, “Your answers are totally confidential.  Are you OK with this?”

Killer Robots v. Free Speech

Jul 11, 2013

Daniel Suarez’ TED Talk explains how the rise of autonomous robotic weapons threaten free speech.

Tu Quoque - You too! - و شما نیز همچنین

Jun 25, 2013

“Tu Quoque” (pronounced too ko kay) means “you also” in Latin.

Free Speech Word Magnets

Jun 25, 2013

Join the team to bring the Free Speech (aka “Where’s the Coup?”) Word Magnets to life.


Free speech

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