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Persian-English Word Magnets

Persian-English Magnetic Word Play kits will help you bond with the Persian (a.k.a. Farsi) language. The kits are fun and educational and spark creativity! They are great for any level of language ability. Each kit has different words chosen around a theme.

Kidney App:  قربونت

Oct 15, 2013

Iranians say “Qorbun-e jigaret” a lot, which means “I’m the sacrifice for your liver.” Is this just t’Arof, or are Iranians more likely to be organ donors?

You’ve got the Power:  extiAr dArid - اختیار دارید

Oct 11, 2013

ِYou’ve got the power!  As well as free will.  And choice.  Take your pick.

qAbel nadAre - قابل ندارد

Oct 08, 2013

Thank you so much for what you just did!
You shouldn’t have!
It’s not worthy of you.
قابل ندارد

Meet Ti-Chey

Oct 01, 2013

Ti-Chey, aka toxm-e cheshm, the @coolzabAn avatAr.

Sentences with Pleasantries Magnets

Jun 24, 2013

Behold, some unworthy sentences we made with the Persian English Word Magnet Pleasantries kit.

Pleasantries - تعارف

Jun 24, 2013

The Pleasantries kit (a.k.a. t’Arof) (a.k.a. تعارف) features over 600 Persian words of desperate supplication and inverted one-upmanship. Millions of possible self-sacrificing sentence combinations. The words are on magnetic word tiles.



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