Aunt Beetle - xAle suskeh - خاله سوسکه

Posted by Rezwan Razani on Oct 24, 2013 at 08:36 PM

A beetle dresses up and goes on the road in search of a husband who won’t beat her.

Introducing xAle suskeh

The Persian English Word Magnet Courtship Kit features the words “xAle” and “suskeh”.  Aunt Beetle.  Some people write it, “Khale Suske” - but we use an x instead of kh, and everything is lowercase except the long A sound. #textingfArsi

Who is Aunt Beetle?  She’s a special character in Persian folklore.  It was no accident that the first vines I ever made featured her.  She’s a legendary single lady in search of love, who teaches us a lot about asking the right questions before committing to a relationship. 

More about xAle suske by the M Team - get the iTunes App!

And here is xAle suske as a point of departure for domestic abuse.  More about dating violence the sidebar. 

xAle suske Vines

Here are the first few vines I made.  qAbel nadAreh - قابل ندارد . I’d love to see your vines!  What's a Vine?

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In the spirit of xAle suskeh, check out these award winning games from Jennifer Ann Life Love Game Design Challenge to stop dating violence, including “love in the dumpster” and “YourSpace”

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