George Clooney Beshkans and Promotes Conversation

Posted by Rezwan Razani on Nov 14, 2013 at 03:47 AM

Ladies man, man’s man, Beshkan.  Magnet man?

George Beshkans

George Clooney can Beshkan. 

He does WHAT?

“Beshkan” is Persian two hand finger snapping.  Here’s a quick “how to” video.


George Clooney doesn’t just Beshkan.  In the video above he shares his appreciation for Iranian film and a positive outcome for nuclear talks.  At minute 0:44 he says, “Your hope is, that as Iran becomes more and more integrated into US, into the world conversation…” well, he had me at “hope” and “conversation”. 

It’s obvious he’s big on talking (nuclear talks, “world conversation”).  And he likes the bilingual aspect (“integrated into the US”). “Integration” describes a function of the subversive Persian-English magnets. Integration goes both ways.  Persian language into the world, the world into Persian language.  Unleash the memes!  Clearly this qualifies as a resounding (implied, alleged) celebrity endorsement of the Persian-English word magnets! 

Now if only we knew for certain that George liked these magnets.  Has he played with them yet?  There are some circulating in LA.  Which are his favorite words?  And can he say, “qurbAqe?”  Can Ben Affleck?  Can you? 

Deep sigh.

The magnets presented this poem to me the other day.  Seems fitting.  A longing for things that appear out of reach.  Like a successful magnet campaign, or successful nuclear talks, or so many artists out there, and their movie projects but a gleam in the eye.  I hope all of your sighs “catch”.

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