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Posted by Rezwan Razani on Jun 25, 2013 at 07:02 PM

We have decoded the Persian language and reduced it to one glorious, concise pamphlet.

The Persian English Word Magnet kits come with an instruction manual.  It’s not so much a “manual” as a sheet of paper that folds to fit into your pocket.  This one sheet manages to explain the essence of Persian grammar using the Persian English word magnets for illustration.  The magnets break the Persian language down into units you can play with, like building blocks.  They provide a practical, tactile connection with Persian language and grammar.  The grammar guide reveals the secrets of how those words and word bits work together.  Crack the code!  Change your relationship to language.  It’s all in the palm of your hand.

Sample Panel

The grammar guide will be available for download soon.  For now, here’s a screen shot of the panel on nouns and part of the panel on verbs.  Enjoy!

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