Help Yourself

Posted by Rezwan Razani on Oct 20, 2014 at 10:25 PM

Another song for the kidney playlist: Tom Jones, “Help Yourself”.

Consider the lines:

My heart has love enough for two.
More than enough for me and you.
I’m rich with love, a millionaire.
I’ve so much.
It’s unfair.
Why don’t you,
take a share.”

Now imagine the next verse - the kidney verse:

My kidneys have life enough for two, more than enough for me and you.

Tom, of course, starts offering up his lips and arms, which is nice, but the most practical thing to offer would be the kidney.

And then let’s really start to live : )

Interesting subtext, the song comes down against donation for compensation.

The greatest wealth
in the world
could never buy
what I can give.


We’re always told repeatedly,
the very best in life is free
so if you want to prove it’s true,
this is what
you should do.

Body part millionaires!  Help out the folks who are organ impoverished. It’s a powerful thing to do.

Let the love flow!

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