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Posted by Rezwan Razani on Oct 12, 2013 at 04:17 PM

What happens when you’re looking for a word, and you can’t find it?

Go with the flow!  Love the one you’re with! 

Do you have a hard time going with the flow?  Anxiety about making mistakes may be holding you back in this, and many other things.  Check out this amazing comic, “Be Friends with Failure” by Stephen McCranie, and also the premise of Fail Faire.  It may open something up for you.  Let us know how that works out : ) 

Back to the word hunt in progress.

The other day, I was looking for the word “profession” in the magnet kit.  It’s شغل in case you’re wondering.  shoql.  I wanted to write, “Philanthropy is my profession.”  That was the preconceived idea.

But I couldn’t find شغل and wasn’t sure what “philanthropy” is.  It didn’t matter.  I improvised.

Close enough: sholuq and shoql are related words. This was the start of a poem (شعر) about busy (شلوغ) bosoms (بغل).  And there was love (عشق).  That’s close to philanthropy, right?  Cluttered/busy love? A life too busy for love?  As you may suspect, the words here come from the courtship kit.

Unexpected Insights

There’s the word شایعه above it (shAye’e) which means “rumor”.  And “kodAm rA” and “baqal” below (کدام را بغل) who/which is the object of embrace?  Whoa!  Where is this going?  My love is chaotic because I don’t know what to embrace?  OMG - that describes my life - even philanthropically.  So many great causes, so little time.

Must’ve chosen those words subconsciously.  Hmm.

The point is - if you already know what you want to say, why do you need magnets?  You could just write your words up.  The magnets are about finding meaning in unexpected places and connections.  Serendipity!  Improv!


Improv is a great life skill.  Here, Tina Fey is interviewed at Google about the rules of improv.  Great insights!


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