Magnetic Dry Erase Boards and Wall Panels

Posted by Rezwan Razani on Oct 17, 2013 at 03:36 PM

Take your magnets on the road!

Is your refrigerator stainless steel or wood paneled? Magnets can’t stick to that! But don’t panic. You can still enjoy playing with magnets when you get fabulous Magic Wall Panels.

  • Magic Wall Is a lightweight magnetic receptive panel ideal for use in the home, classroom, kid’s room, or even the office.
  • Magic wall is reversible - you can use both sides. You can use it horizontally or vertically!
  • Magic Wall has a dry erase surface that works with most dry erase markers - so you can write on it!

Perfect as a:

  • Home message center
  • Creative play area for kids room
  • Classroom teaching tool
  • Scheduler and office message center

Magic Wall panels can be used individually or put together to create an interactive magnetic wall anywhere! This large board is shipped with adhesive poster strips that hold firmly and remove cleanly without harming the surface underneath. Both sides are white.  They also come in “cloud”, black and “grid”.

Suitable for Framing

Want to showcase your fabulous Persian magnet sentences in style? Simply frame your board like so (and hang it up in the grand salon!):  Frames available at Farhad Rug Gallery.  Yay Farhad!  (Note, that’s not Farhad).

Size and Cost

Small (12 x 18 inches) costs $10.00
Medium (18 x 24 inches): $15.00
Large (24 x 36 inches): $20.00
Buy now!

Magnetic Paint

Want to make an entire wall Magnetic receptive? Use several Magic Wall panels together, or try magnetic paint, Liquid Magic Wall!  Available from Kling magnetics.

Magnetized Board - Micro:  Out of stock.

Play with the magnets anywhere on your own small, magnetized board! 8.5” x 11” only $4.95 While supplies last [Whoops, out of stock]. Ideal for portability - just pop it in a folder and take it anywhere. One side is white and one is black.

Note: The small board came by itself and could be used on a flat surface. The picture shows it propped up with a book holder. Actually, that’s not just a book holder, that’s a replica of an Eagle Riton cup from the Achaemenian Period, 500 B.C. I got it in a bazaar in Iran. Want one? You must go to Iran and get it! Luckily, it’s easier to get a tourist visa these days.

How Retro.  Go Social!

But don’t limit your use of magnets to metal surfaces.  The world is your set.  Take them anywhere, and make magnet movies and vines and post them on the giant cyber-fridge that is the internet!  All of this crowd produced language content will add up and turn into a Persian language invasion!  What's a Vine?

You've got the power

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