Persian-English Word Magnets

Posted by Rezwan Razani on Jun 04, 2013 at 03:05 PM

Persian-English Magnetic Word Play kits will help you bond with the Persian (a.k.a. Farsi) language. The kits are fun and educational and spark creativity! They are great for any level of language ability. Each kit has different words chosen around a theme.

Persian-English Magnets come in three different themed kits!

The themes are:

  • Standard (motedAvel - متداول ) Something for everyone.
  • Pleasantries (t’Arof - تعارف ) I don’t t’Arof.  Really.  extiAr dArid.
  • Courtship (xAstegAri - خواستگاری ) When you need to woo, only the right words will do.

Persian-English Word Magnets are tiles with Persian words printed on one side and the English translation and transliteration on the other.  They are magnetic, so both sides stick to steel surfaces. 

Each kit includes 1) a cover, 2) sheets of magnetic word tiles which break apart into individual words, 3) an alphabet card, and 4) a grammar guide.  Shown below is the “Standard” Kit. 

Here are the other kit covers - and YO!  Millions of word and sentence combinations are possible. 



But…Um…I don’t read Persian

Chillax!  We’ve got you covered.  You can read Persian today.  The code is easy to crack. 

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