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Posted by Rezwan Razani on Jun 24, 2013 at 02:45 PM

Behold, some unworthy sentences we made with the Persian English Word Magnet Pleasantries kit.

This sentence means: “Step on my eyeballs” and is a classic pleasantry.
Read it right to left, of course, like this: qadam ru toxm(e) cheshm.

Check out more sentences and see how things get lost (and found) in translation. Also, contribute your own sentences to the Pleasantries-تعارف our creations on twitter like I do!

Here are some sentences made with the Pleasantries - تعارف  kit. 

xAhesh mikonam.
I implore you.

xAne(ye) tArik(e) mA rA bA nur(e) jamAletAn rowshan farmudid.
“You have commanded our dark house to be luminous with the light of your beauty.”

gusht(e) kubideh rA be mush(e) zir(e) miz t’Arof kard va mahz(e) in, hAlam be ham xord.
He/she proffered the ground meat to the mouse under the table and, as a result of this, I became nauseous.

qorbAn(e) dast o panjeh
(I’m the) sacrifice (for your) hand and paw. (This one is also a real t’Arof!)

azemat(e) jenAb’Ali bAes(e) xejAlat(e) hame shod.
The greatness of his excellency resulted in the embarassment of everyone.

This is not a real t’Arof - just playing around with the words.

cherA shomA shekaste nafsi mifarmAid?
Literally: “Why do you order broken essences?”
Practically: why do you put yourself down, sell yourself short?
Context: This is a good reply if your hostess tells you her house is a mess/the delicious meal she prepared isn’t fit for consumption and so on.

gar injA ajaleh, safA kojA?
If here haste, where serenity?
(Don’t know, this sounds like it could be a proverb of some sort)

motasefAneh u dar hAl(e) ta’zim kardan bud vaqti ke ishAn bA hendevAneh tu sarash zadand.
Unfortunately, she was in the act of curtseying when they hit her in the head with a watermelon.

Note: The Language Expert says that ishAn is formal singular, so either drop the ishAn, change it to AnhA, or make it zad instead of zadand. This sentence can still be technically correct in context.

emshab sharbat(e) mozAhemat benush.
Tonight, drink the sherbet of inconvenience. (Note, the kit translates “mozahem” as “bother”)

Don’t like these sentences? Make some of your own! Read sentences made with the Standard Kit! And the Courtship kit!

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