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Posted by Rezwan Razani on Jun 12, 2013 at 03:21 AM

Check out some sentences we made using the Persian-English Word Magnet Standard kit and see how things get lost (and found) in translation.

We used actual words from the Persian English Word Magnet Standard kit to make these sentences.  Just one caveat - this first sentence is photoshopped. 

In the kit, “bAd” is translated as “wind.” Here, we translate it as the imperative: be!  “zende” means “live”, of course.  So, “Live, be!” i.e., “Long live”.  Yay, translation!  So, this sentence means: “Long live the Persian language!” - read it right to left, of course, like this: zende bAd zabAn(e) fArsi.

Of course, you could have intended it to mean, “Live wind. Persian language”.  extiAr dArid - اختیار دارید

qAbel nadAreh - قابل ندارد   These sentences are not worthy of you, of course.  They are just some examples to give you an idea of the possibilities.

bA vojud(e) inkeh xatar-nAk bud, doxtar(e) konjkAv az gAvmish(e) vahshi va pashmAlu nemitarsid.
While it was dangerous, the curious girl was not afraid of the wild and furry water-buffalo.

bAyast pesar(e) shangul rA masxareh kard.
One must ridicule the frisky boy.

qurbAqe(ye) bAldAr nafasi keshid va parvAz kard.
The winged frog took a breath and flew.

sar(e) zir(e) amAme kachal ast.
The head under the turban is bald.

AftAb ra’d o barq atseh mikonad
The sun sneezes thunder and lightning.

Note: I got in a funny argument about that one.

“AftAb isn’t sun ” a language expert said. “It means sunlight.”

Well, in the dictionaries I used they said it could mean both.

“Your dictionaries are defective. And anyway, neither the sun, nor sunlight sneezes!” Came the reply.

Clearly, this expert had not heard of poetic license or metaphor.  But her comment took me in another direction:

OK, then what do you call sunspots? And how is thunder and lightning generated? Through thunderstorms that come about by the interplay of magnetic forces on the earth unleashed by the sun, and/or the solar energy (sunlight!) heating up the surface and creating weather! Right?

“Well, I don’t know about that. We’ll have to consult a weather expert.” said the language expert.

Luckily, I’m not easily intimidated by experts. I’m happy with poetic license, and pleased that the magnets are now making me think about the role of sunlight in lightning. You never know where these words will take you.  And the Aurora.  What’s that?  A sunlight exhalation?

atr(e) shomAl dar mowj va deraxt mibAshad.
The perfume of the north is in waves and trees.

Note: the language expert says that mibAshad is too formal and I should just say ast. But I like it formal. Conveys my mood better.

div(e) tanbal tA sad pahlavAn rA did, mAdarash rA xabar zad.
The lazy devil (ogre/demon), upon seeing the 100 champions (warriors, knights), called for his mother.

Note: The language expert says it’s xabar kard, not zad.

This kind of thing is easy to fix with the magnets, because you just move them around on the fridge. In contrast, changing the graphic on the website is going to take some time. I’ll do it when I can. In any case, a reminder that it’s much easier to play with the magnets, LIVE!

taqsir(e) qAfel chist?
What is the fault of the ignorant?

xodA bar ensAn(e) mashkuk mo’jezeh rixt.
God poured miracles on suspicious humans.

Note: The language expert wants you to know that miracles are not poured. Harrumph!

Inspired and/or don’t like these sentences?  Make some of your own.  Millions more sentences and soundbites are possible when you buy the Standard kit.

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