What People Are Saying About the Magnets

Posted by Rezwan Razani on Oct 04, 2013 at 07:10 PM

Here are some quotes from people who bought the sets back in the day.  Please add your comments below!

Could not stop playing with them!

I heard about the magnets through a friend who ordered them. She has them at her house and I could not stop playing with them, they are the coolest! I learned some new words, got to practice reading farsi and had fun doing it! She heard about them through a friend as well.

- Sanam


Your magnets make me think. I just stare at the words as they are all bunched together and they make the language fun and surreal. Something I never thought I could ever do is to use Persian to create surreal sentences.

- Zahra

Our language alive

What a great idea! A great way for us to keep our language alive.

- Maz Jobrani

Like Tiny Flashcards

I did get the magnets and I’m still in the process of separating them. They are fantastic. Like tiny flashcards (at my level, anyway). I recognize more vocabulary than I thought and you’re right, I forgot about xosh Amadid and xAhesh mikonam. I figured out that the ‘x’ is the ‘kh’.

My standard line has been, “I’ve got about 35 words of Farsi, none of which quite make a sentence.” I feel this is about to change!

My mom suggested I use a cookie sheet for portable practice with the magnets. That way I can take them with me on my vacation next week. So again, xeyli mamnun for developing such a fun learning tool.

- Bobbe

Gifts People Love

I love your magnets. I have given them as gifts and people love them.

- Kateh


Your product is terrific!

- Parinaz


The idea is brilliant.

- Fariborz

Solve Crimes

I have solved many many crimes using dees magnetics. I tink you are bereeeliant and you vill gonna help me vit my Anglish.

- Jimmy Vestvood

Yes.  That guy. He’s awesome.  Fund his movie!  Oops:  The Indiegogo campaign is closed, contact them directly.  Ray Moheet .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Unique gift

What a unique Persian gift!

- Mehdi


We are having lots of fun with our magnets. Khaylee Mamnoon.

- Nahid


I got the package. I’ve been playing around with it. It’s really great!

- Afshin

Someone gave us a gift

Some one gave us the khastegari one as a gift, and now we are giving them as gifts to others who were interested.

- Mojdeh


I just want to tell you that you have created an awesome website and an awesome product. I don’t know why I didn’t buy a set from you in person. Now I’ll have to order it on line.

- Mojgan

Thanks for the resounding endorsements!  For the rest of you:


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